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Born in a land near Mt. Fuji, which is known as one of the most sacred places in Japan.

Hiking in the mountains every weekend with my parents and brother from an early age. By spending a lot of time in the mountains and picking edible wild plants, I was able to naturally acquire the feeling of being connected to nature.

Based on such experience, I am now involved in the healing of many people as a healer, and I am enjoying working in the United States every day to grow myself.

Hiking is still one of my hobbies because I spent a lot of time in nature.

After moving my base to the United States, it's really fun to go hiking in places with lots of energy.

As I hike down the ground, I love the feeling that a lot of energy runs through my body and begins to breathe deep into my heart.

The most pleasing energy I've ever visited is in Arizona'Canyon de Chelly''

When I see a canyon that appears below the horizon as far as I can see, all the negative emotions such as my worries and complex are insignificant little things. It made me feel that the 180 degree values were reversed.

And the unpleasant events that have happened around me, the things that I wanted to escape, the regrets that I cried until my tears died, the sad events, all the past that I wanted to seal, walk in the future, not as the past I came to think that it was an event for me.

The energy of the earth heals my heart, and I am now with a lot of energy from the people around me walking with me.

Natural stones excavated from the "earth" are the same as the "nature" that I feel during the hike.

May nature always be with you.

May that nature permeate people's hearts like a miracle.

That's why I named it Miracle Hikers.

Just as we feel nature, we interact with stones when wrapping.

The natural stones handled by Miracle Hikers are selected one by one by myself, believing in my senses.

We wrap it with all our heart to maximize the energy of the stone and create a design that emits only one brilliance in the world just for you.

To you who wore these stones

With a lot of happiness

May many miracle happen. .. ..

Storekeeper's best regards

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